Replacement For Compaq 316688-003 Power Supply/Adapter 18.5V 6.5A 120W With Free Power Cord

compaq 316688-003 ac adapter

replacement for Compaq 316688-003 Charger

Replacement For 18.5V 6.5A 120W Laptop AC Adapter For Compaq 316688-003

New Replacement For Compaq 316688-003 Laptop AC Adapter 120W 18.5V 6.5A with Free Power Cord included.This replacement for Compaq 316688-003 power adapter is rigorously tested, meets or exceeds original compaq laptop ac adapter's specifications, brand new with 1 year warranty.

Item name:Replacement for Compaq 316688-003 Adapter
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Replacement For Compaq 316688-003 Charger

12 months
DC18.5V 6.5A
Connecter size
Item Includes
AC Adapter and Power Cord

replacement Compaq 316688-003 laptop ac power adaptor is rated at 18.5V/6.5A 120W. The replacement for compaq 316688-003 power supply is 100% Compatible, Meets or Exceeds Original Specification.


Replace Part Number:

Replacement For:
HP HP-OW120F13, HP HP-OW121F13, HP PA-1121-02H, HP PA-1121-12H, HP PPP016L, HP PPP017H, HP PPP017L, HP PA-1121-02H, HP PA-1121-12H, HP DC687A, HP DC790A, HP F1454A, HP F1781A, HP F4814A, Compaq 316687-001, Compaq 316687-002, Compaq 316687-003, Compaq 316688-001, Compaq 316688-002, Compaq 316688-003, Compaq 309241-001, Compaq 310925-001, Compaq 317188-001, Compaq 344895-001, Compaq 344895-001, Compaq 347438-001, Compaq 350221-001, Compaq 350775-001, Compaq 370998-001

Fits model

Replacement For:
Compaq Presario R3000, HP Pavilion ZV5000, HP Pavilion ZD7000, HP Pavilion ZD7100, HP Pavilion ZD7200, HP Pavilion ZD7300, HP Pavilion ZD7999, HP Pavilion ZV5100, HP Pavilion ZV5200, HP Pavilion ZV5300, HP Pavilion ZV5400, HP Pavilion ZX5000, HP Pavilion ZX5100, HP Pavilion ZX5200, HP Pavilion ZX5300