Replacement For Lenovo 11J8627 Power Supply/Adapter 19V 4.74A 90W With Free Power Cord

replacement for lenovo 11j8627 ac adapter

Replacement For Lenovo 11J8627 Charger

Replacement 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop AC Adapter For Lenovo 11J8627

New Replacement for Lenovo 11J8627 Laptop AC Adapter 90W 19V 4.74A with Free Power Cord included.The AC Power Adapter For Lenovo 11J8627 can provide continuous power to your laptop/notebook computer and charge the laptop battery from AC power source such as electrical plugs on the wall.
Safety: The replacement for lenovo ac adapter is safe with overvoltage, shortcircuit and overcurrent protection.
Quality: The adapter/power supply for lenovo 11j8627 has high efficency and high reliability. It is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Item name:Replacement For Lenovo 11J8627 Adapter
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Replacement for Lenovo 11J8627 Charger

12 months
DC19V 4.74A
Connecter size
Item Includes
AC Adapter and Power Cord

replacement Lenovo 11J8627 laptop ac power adapter is rated at 19V/4.74A 90W. The power supply for lenovo 11j8627 is 100% Compatible, Meets or Exceeds Original Specification.


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Replacement For Lenovo:
Lenovo 0225A2040, Lenovo 02K6900, Lenovo 0712A1965, Lenovo 11J8627, Lenovo 40Y7696, Lenovo 40Y7700, Lenovo 40Y7704, Lenovo 40Y7708, Lenovo 40Y7710, Lenovo 41R4322, Lenovo 41R4326, Lenovo 41R4327, Lenovo 41R4332, Lenovo 41R4336, Lenovo 41R4338, Lenovo 41R4515, Lenovo 41R4516, Lenovo 41R4519, Lenovo 41R4520, Lenovo 41R4521, Lenovo 41R4523, Lenovo 41R4524, Lenovo 41R4525, Lenovo 41R4526, Lenovo 42T4457, Lenovo 42T4458, Lenovo 42T4459, Lenovo 42T4465, Lenovo 45J7717, Lenovo ADP-65CH A, Lenovo ADP-65YB B, Lenovo ADP-90RH B, Lenovo 45K2225, Lenovo 57Y6385, Lenovo 57Y6400, Lenovo ADP-65KH B, Lenovo PA-1650-56LC, Lenovo K43, Lenovo F41, Lenovo F31, Lenovo E43, Lenovo C466, Lenovo CPA-A065, Lenovo PA-1650-52LB, Lenovo PA-1650-52LC, Lenovo PA-1900-52LC, Lenovo PA-1900-56LC

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