Replacement for Samsung Q320 Power Supply/Adapter 19V 3.15A 60W With Free Power Cord

replacement for samsung q320 ac adapter

For Samsung Q320 Charger

Replacement 19V 3.15A 60W Laptop AC Adapter For Samsung Q320

New Replacement for Samsung Q320 Laptop AC Adapter 60W 19V 3.15A with Free Power Cord included.This power adapter for Samsung Q320 is rigorously tested, meets or exceeds original samsung laptop ac adapter's specifications, brand new with 1 year warranty.

Item name:Replacement for Samsung Q320 Adapter
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Replacement for Samsung Q320 Charger

12 months
DC19V 3.15A
Connecter size
Item Includes
AC Adapter and Power Cord

Replacement Samsung Q320 laptop ac power adaptor is rated at 19V/3.15A 60W. For samsung q320 power supply is 100% Compatible, Meets or Exceeds Original Specification.


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Replacement For Samsung:
Samsung AD-6019, Samsung AD-6019S, Samsung CPA09-004A, Samsung PA-1600-66, Samsung SADP-60ZH D, Samsung Q1U-CMXP, Samsung AD-6019A, Samsung AD-6019V, Samsung AD-6519, Samsung BA44-00242A

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Replacement For Samsung:
Samsung Sens 630, Samsung Sens 820, Samsung Sens Pro 680, Samsung Sens Pro 850, Samsung NP-P230, Samsung NP-P330, Samsung NP-P428, Samsung NP-Q230, Samsung NP-Q318, Samsung NP-Q320, Samsung NP-Q322, Samsung NP-Q330, Samsung NP-Q428, Samsung NP-QX310, Samsung NP-R423, Samsung NP-R428, Samsung NP-R429, Samsung NP-R430, Samsung NP-R431, Samsung NP-R439, Samsung NP-R440, Samsung NP-R458, Samsung NP-R460, Samsung NP-R462, Samsung NP-R463, Samsung NP-R464, Samsung NP-R465, Samsung NP-R466, Samsung NP-R467, Samsung NP-R468, Samsung NP-R470, Samsung NP-R478, Samsung NP-R480, Samsung NP-R522, Samsung NP-RC410, Samsung NP-RC420, Samsung NP-RC425, Samsung NP-RF411, Samsung NP-RV408, Samsung NP-RV410, Samsung NP-RV508, Samsung NP-SF310, Samsung NP-SF311, Samsung NP-SF410, Samsung NP-SF411, Samsung NP-X330, Samsung NP-X331, Samsung NP-X430, Samsung NP-X431, Samsung NP200, Samsung NP400, Samsung NT-P230, Samsung NT-P330, Samsung NT-P428, Samsung NT-Q230, Samsung NT-Q318, Samsung NT-Q320, Samsung NT-Q322, Samsung NT-Q330, Samsung NT-Q428, Samsung NT-QX310, Samsung NT-R423, Samsung NT-R428, Samsung NT-R429, Samsung NT-R430, Samsung NT-R431, Samsung NT-R439, Samsung NT-R440, Samsung NT-R458, Samsung NT-R460, Samsung NT-R462, Samsung NT-R463, Samsung NT-R464, Samsung NT-R465, Samsung NT-R466, Samsung NT-R467, Samsung NT-R468, Samsung NT-R470, Samsung NT-R478, Samsung NT-R480, Samsung NT-R522, Samsung NT-RC420, Samsung NT-RC425, Samsung NT-RF411, Samsung NT-RV408, Samsung NT-RV410, Samsung NT-RV508, Samsung NT-SF310, Samsung NT-SF410, Samsung NT-X330, Samsung NT-X331, Samsung NT-X430, Samsung NT-X431, Samsung P230, Samsung P330, Samsung P428, Samsung Q230, Samsung Q318, Samsung Q320, Samsung Q322, Samsung Q330, Samsung Q428, Samsung QX310, Samsung R423, Samsung R428, Samsung R429, Samsung R430, Samsung R431, Samsung R439, Samsung R440, Samsung R458, Samsung R460, Samsung R462, Samsung R463, Samsung R464, Samsung R465, Samsung R466, Samsung R467, Samsung R468, Samsung R470, Samsung R478, Samsung R480, Samsung R522, Samsung RC410, Samsung RC420, Samsung RC425, Samsung RF411, Samsung RV408, Samsung RV410, Samsung RV508, Samsung SF310, Samsung SF311, Samsung SF410, Samsung SF411, Samsung X330, Samsung X331, Samsung X430, Samsung X431