Replacement For Sony SVT1122M2EW Power Supply/Adapter 19.5V 2A 44W With Free Power Cord

sony svt1122m2ew ac adapter

For Sony SVT1122M2EW Charger

Replacement 19.5V 2A 44W Laptop AC Adapter For Sony SVT1122M2EW

New Replacement For Sony SVT1122M2EW Laptop AC Adapter 44W 19.5V 2A with Free Power Cord included.The Sony SVT1122M2EW AC Power Adapter can provide continuous power to your laptop/notebook computer and charge the laptop battery from AC power source such as electrical plugs on the wall.
Safety: The for sony ac adapter is safe with overvoltage, shortcircuit and overcurrent protection.
Quality: The adapter/power supply for sony svt1122m2ew has high efficency and high reliability. It is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Item name:Replacement For Sony SVT1122M2EW Adapter
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Replacement For Sony SVT1122M2EW Charger

12 months
DC19.5V 2A
Connecter size
Special as photo
Item Includes
AC Adapter and Power Cord

Sony SVT1122M2EW replacement laptop ac power adapter is rated at 19.5V/2A 44W. The sony svt1122m2ew power supply is 100% Compatible, Meets or Exceeds Original Specification.


Replace Part Number:

Sony VGP-AC19V74, Sony VGP-AC19V73

Fits model

Sony Vaio Tap 11, Sony Vaio Fit 11A, Sony Vaio Fit 13A, Sony Vaio Fit 14A, Sony Vaio Fit 15A, Sony SVF13N25CG, Sony SVF13N25CGB, Sony SVF13N27PA, Sony SVF13N27PAB, Sony SVF11N16CG, Sony SVF11N16CGB, Sony SVF13N22SG, Sony SVF13N22SGB, Sony SVF11N13CG, Sony SVF11N13CGP, Sony SVF11N17CN, Sony SVF11N17CNB, Sony SVF13N22SA, Sony SVF13N22SAB, Sony SVF13N25SH, Sony SVF13N25SHS, Sony SVF13N26PG, Sony SVF13N26PGB, Sony SVF11N13CA, Sony SVF11N13CAS, Sony SVF11N16CA, Sony SVF11N16CAB, Sony SVF11N18CG, Sony SVF11N18CGB, Sony SVF13N22CG, Sony SVF13N22CGS, Sony SVF11N12CA, Sony SVF11N12CAB, Sony SVF13N27PG, Sony SVF13N27PGS, Sony Vaio Tap SVT1121, Sony Vaio Tap SVT1122, Sony SVT11212CK, Sony SVT11212CKW, Sony SVT11213CA, Sony SVT11213CAW, Sony SVT11213CF, Sony SVT11213CFW, Sony SVT11213CG, Sony SVT11213CGW, Sony SVT11213CNB, Sony SVT11213CDB, Sony SVT11213CXB, Sony SVT11213CXW, Sony SVT11215CBW, Sony SVT11215CDB, Sony SVT11215CDW, Sony SVT11215CG, Sony SVT11215CGW, Sony SVT11215CK, Sony SVT11215CKB, Sony SVT11215CLW, Sony SVT11215CW, Sony SVT11215CWB, Sony SVT11215CWW, Sony SVT11215CXB, Sony SVT11215CXW, Sony SVT11215SA, Sony SVT11215SAB, Sony SVT11215SG, Sony SVT11215SGB, Sony SVT11215SGW, Sony SVT11215SH, Sony SVT11215SHW, Sony SVT11216ST, Sony SVT11216STB, Sony SVT11216STW, Sony SVT11217CG, Sony SVT11217CGB, Sony SVT11217CGW, Sony SVT11218SC, Sony SVT11218SCB, Sony SVT11218SCW, Sony SVT11218ST, Sony SVT11218STB, Sony SVT11218STW, Sony SVT112190S, Sony SVT112190X, Sony SVT11219SC, Sony SVT11219SCW, Sony SVT1121A4E, Sony SVT1121B2E, Sony SVT1121B2EW, Sony SVT1121B4E, Sony SVT1121C4E, Sony SVT1121C5E, Sony SVT1121D4E, Sony SVT1121E2E, Sony SVT1121E2EW, Sony SVT1121E4E, Sony SVT1121F4E, Sony SVT1121G4E, Sony SVT1121H4E, Sony SVT1121M9R, Sony SVT1121M9RB, Sony SVT1121S0C, Sony SVT1121S1C, Sony SVT1121S2C, Sony SVT1121S3C, Sony SVT1121S4C, Sony SVT1121S5C, Sony SVT1121S6C, Sony SVT1121S7C, Sony SVT1121S8C, Sony SVT1121S9C, Sony SVT1121V5C, Sony SVT1121V5CW, Sony SVT1121W9EB, Sony SVT1121W9R, Sony SVT1121W9RB, Sony SVT1121XPEB, Sony SVT1121X9R, Sony SVT1121X9RB, Sony SVT1121ZCG, Sony SVT1121ZCGR, Sony SVT11223CG, Sony SVT11223CXW, Sony SVT11225CBW, Sony SVT11225CDB, Sony SVT11225CG, Sony SVT11225CLW, Sony SVT11225CXB, Sony SVT11225CXW, Sony SVT11225SG, Sony SVT11225SH, Sony SVT11226CXB, Sony SVT11226CXW, Sony SVT11226ST, Sony SVT11226STB, Sony SVT11227CG, Sony SVT11227PXB, Sony SVT11227SCW, Sony SVT11228SCB, Sony SVT11228SCW, Sony SVT112290S, Sony SVT112290X, Sony SVT11229CKB, Sony SVT11229CW, Sony SVT11229SCB, Sony SVT11229SCW, Sony SVT1122A4RW, Sony SVT1122B2EW, Sony SVT1122B4E, Sony SVT1122B4RW, Sony SVT1122C4E, Sony SVT1122C4RW, Sony SVT1122C5E, Sony SVT1122D2EW, Sony SVT1122D4E, Sony SVT1122D4RW, Sony SVT1122E2RW, Sony SVT1122E4E, Sony SVT1122F4E, Sony SVT1122F4RB, Sony SVT1122G4E, Sony SVT1122G4RB, Sony SVT1122H4E, Sony SVT1122H4RB, Sony SVT1122I4E, Sony SVT1122J4RB, Sony SVT1122M2EW, Sony SVT1122MR2W, Sony SVT1122R2EW, Sony SVT1122S9EB, Sony SVT1122V9EB, Sony SVT1122X9RW, Sony SVT1122Y9EB, Sony SVF13N17PAB